Bad Credit Financing

Bad Credit

Bad Credit and Special Financing in Macomb, MI

We understand that sometimes you need financing for a car when you weren't planning to make that decision. At our FIAT dealership, we know that our customers are more than credit scores or numbers on a page: our customers are people. Family expenses, job loss, divorces, medical expenses, and hospitalizations can all interfere with your credit.

We want to help our customers obtain the cars they need for their lives. If other car dealerships have told you “no,” we hope to tell you “yes.” Come talk to us; we may be able to help you obtain the vehicle you need. At our dealership, we want to understand your unique situation so that you can drive home today.

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Low Down Payments

We know that many people advise a 20% down payment when buying a new car. We also know that many of our customers don't have that kind of cash on hand at a moment's notice. We require minimal cash down payments before you can drive home. Our average purchase, for both new and used cars, requires only a 10% down payment or even less, depending on the car you choose.

Lower Down Payment


Personalized Solutions

Some credit issues may seem more challenging than others, and you may be concerned about approaching our dealership about them, or feel sure that you will be rejected. We encourage you to come in and talk to us; we have worked and continue to work with customers in all kinds of situations. We work with car buyers who have filed for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy on multiple occasions, as well as customers currently going through a bankruptcy proceeding.

We're also happy to work with customers in credit counseling or debt consolidation, those with "too much" credit or "bad" credit. We also want to see first-time buyers drive home in their first car. Our dealership specializes in helping first-time buyers get the cars they need!

Easy Application Process

Our credit application process won't waste your time. We'll gather the information we need: your credit, your income, and other information that impact your credit and ability to pay. Once we understand the situation, we will be able to provide you with options that are suitable for you and your credit. You don't have to wait around for days on end or engage in endless negotiations just to get credit. We will be up front with you about what we can do and how we can work together to get you in a car today.

If you have bad credit, low credit, or no credit; if you've been in bankruptcy, in foreclosure, or in credit consolidation: come and talk to us. We want to work with you to find a credit solution that gets you access to the car that you need and want. Don't dismiss your ideal car out of hand; your credit may not be nearly as much of a barrier as you fear. We don't want to shame customers, and we don't want to turn you away. The new or used car you're looking for can be found at our dealership, and we'll work with you to make that dream a reality.

If you're looking to learn more about financing your next vehicle, regardless of your credit, contact us today or stop by for a visit.