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Used Cars Under $15,000

Used Vehicles Under $15,000 - FIAT of Lakeside

Looking to explore a large selection of used cars that cost less than $15,000? If so, then look no further because we have an inventory that is always expanding. What is more is how our inventory changes often, so you may want to come back often to see what we have. We have a lot of bargains and discounts, which is the number one reason that we have become a top-visited site. As a person searching for a great used car, you do not want to search with just anyone. You have to be careful about what you get to receive the best value from your vehicle.

Over the years, we have helped countless budget-conscious customers to find deals that save them some extra cash. We have a wide selection of used SUVs, trucks and cars. After a new car leaves the lot, it has already lost 10 percent of its value. That's thousands of dollars lost just from driving it off the lot. As a result, you can save a lot of extra cash when you buy new instead.

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Benefits of Buying Used

A used car has a lower price tag, and you do not have to worry about depreciation as much. Depreciation is one of the reasons that used cars have become a better bargain. Would you rather be the original buyer who lost $14,000 just from driving it off the lot? How about being that second buyer who saves that much from buying used? While buying a used car will still depreciate in value, you lose much less. You can also avoid the sales tax that new cars are subject to. In some cases, you will not owe sales tax at all from a used car.

Registration and insurance fees will also cost less because the rates will be their highest during the first three years of ownership. That starts to drop after five years. You can also purchase cheaper extras with used cars. Many times, dealers will tack on additional installation options like an anti-rust coating. If you want these features with a used vehicle, you can them for a much lower price. Many times, these features do not add much to the resale, and you will not have to pay extra for features that you did not ask for. You can also get features you want for a cheaper price like a navigation system or a sunroof.

Quality Used Cars

At our dealership in Lakeside, we inspect every vehicle to make sure that it is a quality vehicle. We want our customers to feel satisfied with our services because we know that that will lead to repeat business and many referrals. We genuinely care about your satisfaction, and we will do our best to see that our customers receive a quality vehicle that gives them top value for their dollar.

We invite anyone interested in used cars, trucks and SUVs to visit our dealership in Lakeside and learn about the fantastic offers. We have a lot of used cars for under $15,000, and we will let you test drive the vehicle of your choice. Our company has the expertise to ensure that your next vehicle will give you a lot of great memories. We are here for your satisfaction.